Head To Toe Thursday

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Head To Toe Wellness
Head To Toe Wellness

5 Ways To Head To Toe Wellness

1. A Fashionable Feast – Fruits and Veggies in a variety of colors, whole grains, lean meats and plenty of pure water will nourish your body. Sugar is like eating with the enemy. Limiting your intake of caffeine & alcohol will help keep you energized.

2. The Law Of Association – Surrounding yourself with family, friends & colleagues that are positive will keep you happy and grounded. Being social is good for the soul.

3. Stretch High – As much as I’m a stickler for hard core cardio both Yoga/Pilates strengthen your body for overall health/wellness.

4. The Massage Makeover – Enhance your well being. The healing power of touch can do wonders for your muscles. Yes a massage will help you relax but it also releases tension.

5. Unblock Your Head – Aim to have mental clarity by keeping your mind filled with positive thoughts. Remember worry is an ugly thing, it clutters your mind. Not pretty…

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