“Fierce, Fabulous & Fearless”

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By: Ungenita Katrina Prevost

Now Is The Time To Build Extreme Confidence and Become the Unstoppable, Unbreakable & Unshakeable Female Entrepreneur You were Born to Be…

What has been stopping you?  Think of all the things you haven’t done YET.  Have you let self doubt, fear and lack of self-confidence hold you back from achieving your goals.






When you allow fear to overtake you, you are not self-confident. If you’re indecisive, procrastinate & often find yourself inaction. I’m afraid to tell you it’s centered in FEAR.

Fear is like a present with a beautiful bow on top. There’s part of you that knows something good is inside and then there’s that part of you that thinks n ot, so you don’t want to open it. Remember when you opened your Xmas presents. For the most part, you were pleasantly surprised.

When fears take hold, it can prevent creativity, change and success. The brain is designed so that any new challenge or opportunity or desire triggers some degree of fear. Whether the challenge is speaking on stage in front of 100 people or walking up to a stranger at a networking event and saying hello. Your creativity and confidence will soar when you learn to deal with fear.

Being self confident means you have prepared yourself as best you can. Feel the fear & fiercely move forward. Do not judge yourself if you fail. Honor yourself for being fear-less & taking action!

When you face your fears you will experience more success in your life.  When you are confident people are attracted to you. You will find that people want to be around you- to learn, grow & be inspired.

Fearlessly step out of your comfort zone. Stop worrying about what other people think & go for the thing you want the most.

When life gets, scary or difficult. It’s easy to look for solutions in places you deem “easy” instead of those uncomfortable places where the real solutions might lie. All change, even positive ones, is scary.

Creativity and decisive action are suppressed exactly when you need them the most. Successful people face fear dead on. Ouch, not the prettiest way to describe it but fear is a part of your life.

If you expect fear you will have a lot easier time dealing with it…In effect if you don’t learn how to deal with fear it can cause you unconsciously to sabotage your success.

Take the fear & turn it to excitement because if you would allow the breakthrough you would be very excited with the result.

When you learn to overcome your fear you will have the confidence to do what you really want to do…

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