Favorite Hairstyle Friday

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What’s Up With My Hair
What’s Up With My Hair

I love this hairstyle. There’s something about wearing your hair up. It’s feminine, girly & fun. You can wear it day or night. This shabby/chic look can be seen in magazines & on runways. But you can to.  Here are tips for the up-do.

1. Spritz or Spray your hair when it’s dry before you put it in the bun, for more texture-otherwise it falls out too quickly

2. Calling all strands pulled up at the crown of your head, then twist hair in a coil as many times as it will go.

3. Fasten your bun so pieces don’t stick out. Not too tight so it looks natural. Think the style that looks like you didn’t try hard even though there was a process to it. Don’t let it go to your head (literally). The style has a mind of its own & can vary each time you sport your do.

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