Do you have a Stiletto Strategy?

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To say I love High-Heels is an understatement. In fact I have a 3 inch minimum, so it wasn’t farfetched to come up with a way to make High-Heels a pre-requisite for women who want to be successful in business and stand in their true feminine power.

So when Alexis Wolfer, of The Beauty Bean, asked me to write 5 Reasons To Splurge on Stilettos, it was a no brainer.

If you’re ready to shop to you drop guilt free check out my tips…

Do you want to be more confident in life and business?

Ungenita Prevost shows women how to increase their confidence and “Be You For A Living”.

For some of her savvy & trendy business tips… .

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  1. Please feel me in! As an aspiring wmones shoe designer and shoe fetishist, I have to know. Also.I would like to network with you on some of my designs. I have a number of what I feel are pretty original designs. I would like to start a line of my own someday but it would be an honor to work with, and learn from you.

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