Dance The Waltz Tuesday

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Is it Results night tonight on Dancing with the Stars? I haven’t watched it in weeks. The last episode I watched featured Hall & Oates performing “Maneater”. I would have to say it’s in Ungenita’s top ten songs of all time. I saw them in concert at Universal Studios about 10 years ago. Daryl Hall has one of the most amazing voices. “Watch out boys she’ll chew you up…she’s a Maneater”

Every time I watch the performances. I wonder how would I measure up. Even though I’ve been trained in Ballet, Modern, Jazz & Hip Hop. I don’t think I could get a Perfect 10 at Waltz my first time out the gate. DWTS is one of my favorite shows to TiVo & each season I say I’m going back to Millennium Dance Studio to train knowing I won’t have the time. Dancing in music videos/commercials is not on my “To Do List” anymore.

Back in the day I use to train with Choreographer Regina Williams. She has a fabulous class called Funky & Fit on Saturday at Synthesis studio that I will be taking in the near future. It’s always a little intimidating going back after such a long break and that’s coming from a girl that could do triple pirouettes and pique turns in less than 1 count of 8. Dancing is fun & can burn up to 500 calories an hour. The art will forever be dear to my heart. Have you heard dance like no one is watching. It can make you feel like, you are on top of the world. I can vividly remember the days when I nailed a performance. My confidence would rise like crazy. In fact I wrote a song “Dance With Life” here are the lyrics.


Dance With Life” (Written by Ungenita Prevost) 

Come on lets go
Only 1 chance

On the dance floor
No cold feet 
Better jam
Pick a partner
Shake your thing
Let the music
Inspire you
Don’t know
All the moves
So you trip a little
Learn from your mistakes
The floor is fall proof
Just keep on keeping on
Life indeed is not
A one-way street
Better learn to 
Dance to many beats
The disc could flip
Any minute
DANCE DANCE Come on let’s dance
Get up and dance with life
No time to sit
On the side lines
Grab a partner keep steppin’
To groove you don’t have to get 
All the moves
You can dance with life
You have only one shot
To show what you got
Dance, you can do it baby
Dance, you can do it baby
Stretch your limits
Be a little freer
Kick a little higher
Don’t expect the music
To do the work for you
Take the lead
No guarantees
It’s acceptable
Twisting and turning
In the wrong direction
Left or right
Like a movie
Full of mysteries
Take a break
Always some
Form of tragedy
Get your boogie on 
Enjoy more comedies
There’s a place for you
Centerstage-Break a leg
Give yourself a hand
Take a bow
Strike a pose
In the limelight
Life is like photography
Better develop the negative
Copyright © May 1999

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