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Are you left brain or right brain? Well I think I’m both because I can be creative while implementing structure simultaneously. I was delighted when I read what one of my coaching clients wrote. If you’re creative and you just want to create. You’re going to love this!

Why do Creative’s have trouble running a business?
By: Micaela Bubola Passeri
I will give you the answer right away. Creative’s are dreamers. We love to dream and make that dream a reality. Being a creative person myself, I know how challenging it can be to delve in the hills and valleys of the business world. Creative minds want to create not do business; they want to express themselves, assemble and manifest, not sit at a desk, type on the computer or make phone calls.

I know for me, I used to hate making phone calls and the sole thought of starting a FB page gave me anxiety. I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to design, source, invent, innovate and just create. So it would be evident that a creative person would have a hard time getting their business off the ground or even staying open. But being creative isn’t stupid, in fact in my opinion (then again I am biased because I am one) being creative rocks! It is fun and spontaneous and it can be lucrative if you have the right systems in place and team to support you and keep you focused and on track.

Creative’s get easily side tracked and tend to create (yes that is what they do best) more un-needed work for themselves (my coach has been telling me this for a long time and I just heard it today for the first time) thinking they need to do that in order to be successful. In reality, keeping it simple is the answer and focusing on the purpose and motive that drives you is the secret.

I have a success coach who keeps me on track, tells me when I side track and encourages me to keep moving. The support is priceless and necessary if you want to be a successful creative.

I see so many of my colleagues running in circles frustrated and overwhelmed because they lack focus. My advice, if you are a creative, is to start with the following:
1. Get clear on what it is that you want to create first, including the experience you want people to have when they purchase your product or service.
2. Hire a coach who holds you accountable and does not take your BS.
3. Don’t do everything yourself, hire a team who can help you with production, design, marketing, promotion, etc so you can do what you love.
Everyone can be successful even if you are not the business type, creative people are connected to their heart more and their purpose and we definitely need a lot of that in the business world today so don’t think you can’t make it just because you are creative.

Find a happy medium, where you can do what you Love and make it your business. Now that is not stupid at all!
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