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Welcome to Day 18 of Your End of Year Challenge!

If you haven’t yet heard of Ungenita Prevost, the Billion Dollar Beauty Coach-you will!! While she attracts primarily women entrepreneurs, any man involved in a business that caters to women would be well served by working with one of the premier business coaches of the 21st century.

Ungenita’s success derives from walking her talk. She takes the steps she tells you to take. Coaching is her true love and her passion streams from her voice. She firmly believes that businesses can be glamorous-but require structure and discipline for true abundance to manifest. She recognizes that every business experiences setbacks and addresses same upfront in her usual upbeat manner. Her clients feel not only supported and heard, but also receive straightforward advice. Ungenita tells you what you MUST do; she will not compromise her integrity to tell you what you want to hear.

Her ability to help you overcome your fears-indeed move boldly through your fears-and take the necessary steps to achieve success is more than remarkable, it’s truly inspired. She believes that this is her mission in life and your success is her greatest happiness. If you are a struggling entrepreneur, stop chasing those who make empty promises, and follow someone who has transformed the lives of many.

Visit our store at under Programs for Billion Dollar Beauty Club. Contact Ungenita and tell her that “Hilory” recommended you for a special discount. Her Billion Dollar Beauty Club is filling up quickly and is a remarkable opportunity to work with an incredible business coach for an entire year and network with a variety of entrepreneurs. The number of joint ventures that she has facilitated through her various programs are too numerous to count, but this new club providing a full year of coaching, will yield what Ungenita likes to call ‘jaw-dropping’ results! Don’t doubt this-no matter what your weak spot(s), she will get you past them! Stop the struggle-your answer is here!!

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