Beauty Tip Tuesday

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Recessionista Beauty Tips

  • Using witch hazel for toner – One of my favorite alternatives to high priced toners. It won’t dry out your skin, its gentle and will remove excess dirt from your skin with one clean easy sweep..
  • Conditioning your hair with mayonnaise – For Silky smooth & Shiny hair 2 tablespoons of real mayonnaise in your hair for 30 minutes. It’s rich in oils & eggs. Also contains lemon juice & because it’s PH balanced it will keep your hair at a natural PH level. Definitely worth trying.
  • Put toothpaste on a pimple to dry it out – Regular Toothpaste (no mint/whitening) works like a clay mask. When you dab a little on a pimple it dehydrates the pimple & absorbs the oil to get rid of it by morning.
  • Remove under-eye bags with cucumbers – Cold cucumbers which are 90% water hydrate the skin which reduces puffiness. Cucumbers also contain Vitamin C which helps to reduce swelling.

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