Be Your-Self Saturday

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A lot of stuff going on in my life right now. It’s all good though. I felt like sharing a song that I wrote several years ago. It’s called “Be Yourself’. As long as I continue to be Ungenita life continues to get better. I hope you enjoy it. Until next time please stand in your authenticity!

“BE YOURSELF” (written by Ungenita Prevost)

Everybody’s trying to tell you what to do
Giving unwanted advice, Making you confused
End up doing things you never imagined
It’s your life not some story book fantasy
Wake up – faced with the mirror
9 times out of 10 asking why did I listen?
(You got to) Be yourself
Don’t let nobody tell you who you are
Do what you wanna do, Say what you want to say, Play the way you wanna play,
Take it from me
My life is my way (the way) I want it to be…
Looking to others when weak
Thinking imitations are the answers
After we emulate we are left
With a guilty conscious, Self-creation will only varnish all the empty feelings
It’s not easy, what’s in your gut
A much better achievement
Confusions often are solutions, great ideas lie within
Don’t let them go, they’ll come to fruition, trust your intuition
It’s not easy, have some patience and when it’s all over
You’ll be pleased with your own decision
Others can look down, soon they will see
If only they could take a chance
Their own life would be a more enjoyable journey
Settle for the best for yourself
You’ll end up with it
Don’t listen to others
Do what you choose
In the end must you blame (it)
Will only lie in your own hands…
I do what I want to do, You should too
Anything is possible
Take your time, try and you will see
All you want (you) can be (be) real
Turn all your dreams into reality…

Copyright © February 1998

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