Attention All Hair Stylist & Salon Owners

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Looking for more exposure. You’re going to love The Stylist Finder.

Hair Stylists – Why you should sign up:

You will have a personalized profile that will be searchable by anyone on the Internet. Anyone can search for you simply by entering your name.

Your personal profile will give potential clients the ability to view the following information:

– Current Salon Information
– Your Hours
– Your Pricing
– Your Specialties
– Customer Reviews
– Rating from existing clients
– Personal photo gallery!
– Your Own Url! Example:
– Your Biography

– The ability to send you a private message though
our secure website!

– Unlike other websites, we do not charge you every
time someone clicks on your profile. Your membership
includes unlimited profile views!

– You will also have 24/7 access to view or edit your

Need to find a hairstylist?

Can’t remember your stylist’s last name? All you have to do is visit and simply enter your stylist’s first name and click submit. If your stylist is a member on our website, his or her name will appear on the search result page. Click on his or her name to view their profile!

New to your area and need to find a stylist? You have come to the right place! You can filter your search by selecting as few or as many fields as you would like. For example, visit our website and type in “Royal Oak” in the “city” field, under the “Find a Hair Stylist” section on the home page and click submit to view all of the stylists who have signed up with us and work in that city.

Need to find a salon?

Can’t remember the address of a salon that you have been to? Type in the name of the salon next to “Salon Name” under the “Locate a Salon” section on the home page and click submit.

Simply looking for a listing of Salons in your area? Type in the city, state, and/or zip code under the “Locate a Salon” section on the home page and click submit for a listing of salons in your area. It’s that easy!

The Stylist Finder’s Specialties:

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