Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Image Conscious Women deserve to have it ALL.

Ungenita Prevost empowers Image Conscious Women to be Triple Threats (Brains, Business AND Beauty). She is the author of SellingINStilettos™ and Founder of The Billion Dollar Beauty Club™. She has worked with some of the most influential & glamorous celebrities in the world, Fortune 500 companies & has over Ten Million Dollars worth of sales spanning a plethora of industries under her belt. With brains, business acumen and beauty, Ungenita Prevost has inspired and advanced men and women in all aspects of their lives before the word transformation was en vogue, one of the few Transformational Coaches, who has an innate ability to truly transform one from head to toe AND inside/out.

Ungenita has one thing on her mind: To Make YOU Better!

Her diverse professional background in the personal development, beauty, fashion, retail, wellness, real estate, food and beverage, design, internet marketing and entertainment industry has equipped her with an arsenal of life lessons. She is the idea queen & loves finding solutions to problems and has a knack for sparking execution & implementation.

She has faced her fears, met her share of failures, falls AND flops but knows how to stage a jaw-dropping comeback and can show you how to rewrite your own beautiful story. She’s the girl that took NOTHING and turned it into SOMETHING.

Here are the lyrics to her song:

Nothing Into Something,
Oh Yeah…
Nothing Into Something,
I Still Have a Chance

You Grow Girl…