Cosmopolitan Meets O Magazine!

PoshONPennies® Launches with Sass, Class and a Whole Lot of Empowerment for Millennial Women SAN FRANCISCO – PoshONPennies is more than just a pretty face. The website is for 20- and early 30-somethings that are intelligent, savvy-up-and-comers in pursuit of … Continued

You Haven’t Worn A Stiletto Heel Like This

I love Stilettos and if you’re reading this blog. I’m sure you do too. And you will be pleased to know I figured out a way to make your Stilettos work for you. Pretty Sexy, if you ask me. My … Continued

Aficionado (One Size Doesn’t Fit All)

noun:  A·fi·ci·o·na·do plural noun: aficionados A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime. Synonyms: connoisseur, expert, authority, specialist, pundit, cognoscente; enthusiast, devotee; Informal: fan, buff, freak, nut, fiend, maniac, fanatic, addict, junkie I’d like … Continued

Failing Is Fabulous

So what if something you worked on flopped.So what if you’ve fallen down.So what if you failed. If you have never failed before then you probably have not tried very hard to succeed. Do you yearn to experience victory? Fear of … Continued

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