Easter Sunday

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Ungenita at 5 years old on Easter Sunday
Ungenita at 5 years old on Easter Sunday

As a kid Easter was about the Bunny. I can vividly remember my Step-Mother taking me shopping for that special outfit to go to church. Pictured here in my green/white dress with white tights and shoes. My hands on my hip. I guess I thought I was styling back then. I’m feeling guilty now though about all the candy I ate; chocolate eggs, bunnies & jelly beans. It wasn’t healthy for my teeth but even back then it was about moderation. My parents were a real stickler about going to the dentist. I think my first cavity emerged after 10 years old.  My eyes would light up when I received beautifully decorated baskets from the Easter Bunny.

A lot has changed since then but I do understand the true meaning today.  It’s a wonderful time to reconnect & reflect. I  want to thank everyone of my readers, friends and colleagues a Happy Easter. May you continue to be blessed with the very best.

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