Environmentally Friendly Friday

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Going Green
Going Green

8 Low Cost Ways To Be Beautifully “Green” From The Inside/Out:

1.  Dimmer Switches are in-by dimming the light by 25% saves you 25% off your electric bill.

1. Dimmer Switches are in-by dimming the light by 25% saves you 25% off your electric bill.

2.  Stop letting your computer run and run and run, it’s costing you $500-$700 per year. Choose stand-by mode instead.

3.  A full refrigerator will save you money on energy because your refrigerator uses more energy when it’s empty. When you keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy food you save money by dining in. It’s also healthier to whip up your own recipes.

4.  Read your electric bill for energy saving tips & some  companies offer incentives for energy saving appliances & using energy during “off peak” hours.

5.  Put an end to all of those coffee cups by cutting the caffeine out completely. It’s not good for the health of your cells & the planet. The average coffee drinker spends $5.00 a day imagine how much money could be saved in a month  $140.00.

6.  If you love to cook remember to cover your pots while boiling water or cooking your favorite dish to conserve energy.

7.  Do not put the medal to the pedal. Obeying the law & driving the speed limit instead of speeding increases your fuel efficiency by 20%.  With the price of gas going up it’s well worth it not to mention the safety factor.

8.  Most discount stores offer tremendous savings when you buy in bulk. Paper products & food items make for good shopping this way. Think about the dollars you save if you buy in bulk. Less trips to the stores which means less gas and it’s better for the environment because the landfills will not be overloaded with additional paper/plastic that’s not always recycled.

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