Sphere Of Influence

Sphere Of Influence

“Sphere of Influence”

By: Ungenita Katrina Prevost

Who are they? It clearly defines the people with whom
you have the most influence.

Are you using your “Sphere of Influence”?

In business we are always looking for new leads and wanting more prospects
but what about re-connecting with people that you already
have a connection with.

Answer these three questions.

1. Do your neighbors know what you do?

2. Do your friends know what you do?

3. Do the people in your every day life Really know what you do?

This is important because if you’ve switched jobs, careers
or the direction you’re going in your business, everyone should know
and what I mean is everyone that knows you. It’s truly an untapped
Making money is easy, if you connect with
a lot of people.

Your sphere of influence is 200-250 people, according
to the Harvard School of business.
So, why not reach out to this
group first if you’re starting out or if you’ve been in business
for awhile and you’re tired of cold-calling. Remember they already
know, like and trust you.

Here’s an exercise for you. Grab a sheet of paper and
list 20 people
that you already know that don’t know about
your business. If you’re thinking this won’t work for me, think
again. Ask yourself “How can I help them”. Very
important to practice the law of giving and receiving in your business.

Call each person and find out what they’re up to. You
already know them so it’s not the same as a cold call. Be genuine and
come from a place of service. If you think they’d be a good candidate
for your business let them know how you can help them. If they’re not
ask them for a referral
and offer to give them one as well.

If they offer suggestions or referrals it’s important
you follow up. The “fortune is in the follow up”
and if you stay connected with your “Sphere of Influence”
you will never run out of opportunities to grow your business!

Increase your net worth with a great network!

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