5 Deadliest Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Wigs

By: Yondel A. Benjamin

Kim Z. from RHOA wearing a wig

It’s no secret that wigs have been around for centuries, but there has been a popular buzzing trend with them lately. There’s been a lot of controversy around them too when it comes to Supermodel Naomi Campbell and Real House Wives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak.

With that being said there are five main things that you should avoid when wearing any type of wig…

Deadliest Wig Mistake # 1: Women Let Their Wigs Wear Them

Most wigs in the hair store are one size fits all. They were made in bulk, but not made with you in mind. For that reason, you need to wear the wig and not let the wig wear you! By this I mean, take your wig to the next level, by having it customized.

Ever worn an outfit that wasn’t you? It wasn’t your style, look, or size. It just swallowed you and did nothing for your attractive features. The same applies for you wigs. They are meant to enhance your beauty – accentuate your sexy facial features not hide them!

This is why you must take your wig to the next level. How? Get a customized wig. If you already have a wig at home that you love then take it to the salon with you and consult with your hair stylist by asking him/her to style your wig to suite your features.

Deadliest Mistake # 2: The Wig Looks too “Wiggy”

If you see a really thick wig in the store = run away! Leave it alone. Don’t bother.  Its one thing if you have thick hair, but if you have really thin hair stay away from the wigs that look unreal. There is nothing wrong with wanting some added body or a voluminous look, but when its straight hair and looks really thick its not nice. To give you a quick idea, you shouldn’t feel like you are wearing a hat or like you are in The Supremes.  A wig should look natural and appear real. If it has way too much volume stay far away unless you like that look.

Wiggy Look to Avoid

Deadliest Wig Mistake # 3: Too Shiny

Many of us are victims of this; the wig is too shiny and looks pretty on the mannequin, but when on us looks artificial.  You don’t want to appear fake. Yes, majority of us females long for silky long healthy tresses, but when your wig appears too shiny people can automatically detect it’s a wig and that defeats the purpose of wearing one.  Solution: Match your real hair texture with the hair quality of the wig. If you have perm straight tresses then you may want a perm straight yaki texture or a natural Remy texture. Have hair that’s curly when wet and straight when you blow dry? A variety of Indian and Brazilian Remy patterns match these similar textures.

Deadliest Wig Mistake # 4: We forget about our Real Hair Underneath the Wig

Naomi Campbell’s Hair Damage from wigs and weaves

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when wearing a wig is neglecting your real hair underneath the wig. You still should be shampooing, treating, and moisturizing your real hair. Don’t avoid your real hair. This can cause serious hair ailments in the near future. Like traction alopecia. Ladies, we must take this seriously or you too can end up with your real hair looking like Naomi’s in the picture.

Naomi Campbell’s hair loss from wigs and weaves

Deadliest Wig Mistake # 5: Don’t Be a Plain Jane

Lastly, don’t be a plain Jane. Accessorize your wig. Spice things up. Stop being guilty of wearing the same style over and over again because this starts to get boring. You spent money on the wig so get your money’s worth out of it and rock it proud! The same way your favorite outfit can have many different looks with unique accessories; the same attitude applies to your wigs.

Happy Wig Rocking!

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Yondel Benjamin is the founder and owner of Queens of Weave she designs customized wigs.

Yondel A. Benjamin
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