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Is coffee good for a woman’s health? I love the smell of it but I can‘t handle caffeine it makes me jittery. Nearly 80% of the population drinks coffee on a daily basis. There are 80-130 mg. of caffeine in just one cup of coffee. If you can handle it go for it. There is little proof that any risk to women exists from drinking coffee in moderate amounts.

When I want a warm drink I opt for tea or hot chocolate.

This season I discovered Coffee Bean’s Red Velvet Hot Cocoa. Embodying the delicious characteristics of classic Southern red velvet cake (I’m from New Orleans how could it not be my favorite cake), from the hint of chocolate sweetness of the cake itself to a decadent cream cheese frosting finish.

Happy Holidays to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for creating one of my favorite drinks. When the weather warms up at the beach I will have to try the ice blended.

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