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Beautiful Skin
Beautiful Skin

 7 Simple Steps To Have Great Skin During Winter

If it’s still a little cold outside you might want to remember these tips until Spring officially rolls in.

Drink Water:    

You might want to be caffeine-free during the winter. With Coffee and Alcohol the body tends to loose water. You don’t want dry or chapped skin. Continue to drink water. It’s easy in the summer but we often have to force ourselves in the winter. Water will keep you hydrated & your skin more supple. So drink up…cheers to H2O.

Design Your Diet:

If you really want to ensure great skin in the winter eat fruits high in Vitamin A, C & Omega -3 and Omega -6 essential fatty acids. A super fruit containing all 3 is the Acai berry.

 No Holds Bar:

Skip the soap during winter, soap containing alkaline can dry your skin.  Opt for moisturizing cleansers & glycerin based soaps if you can’t escape the bar.

 It’s Wise to Moisturize

Don’t leave home without your favorite lotion or skin oil. You want to go for the most concentrated types to easily absorb into the skin for lasting moisture.






What’s A Scrub Got To Do With It

Crank up the exfoliation (2 times a week). Out with the old skin to reveal the new skin. Pick your preference salt scrub or sugar scrub to slough off the dead layers. The new skin is more susceptible to absorbing moisture.

Hot Water I Think Not

This is tough because we want to keep warm by dashing off to a hot shower but the water can quickly dry out your skin. Go for a Warm bath in the PM with essential oils to add a protective coating that will allow your skin to retain moisture. Apply a few drops of Coconut or olive oil to your skin before the bath for optimal skin conditioning.

Lips Are Cracking

Brush your lips. That’s right if you have dry/chapped lips use a soft bristle toothbrush to exfoliate those lips. Immediately follow with a lip balm or Conditioner with SPF. Lipsticks can often dry out your lips so got for a moisturizing gloss then you won’t need to brush your lips like you do your teeth.

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